Why do we do what we do?


December 11, 2012 by sergeabihaidar

By Serge Abi Haidar, MSc in Management Consulting 3 student

Do we ever ask ourselves the question “why do we do the things we do?” Why did we choose to become consultants? For many of us, we think that life is structured in a way that we are forced to live by certain rules and do certain things to accomplish our lifetime goals. What are the costs of living by these rules? What is our motive for action? What is it that drives us in our careers? This is what we should be concerned about, as it is the core reason for every action we take, for every decision we make, which can and will change our lives completely. Life is full of opportunities and we need to choose what is best for us. How often do we make the wrong decisions? It is essential to make wrong decisions because they shape our path throughout life. There is an invisible force, an internal drive, which is extremely important to all consultants. This force is a combination of our emotions and feelings which are the main elements of everyone’s life. ‘Emotional intelligence’ or EQ is the capacity of recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and building sustainable and effective relationships with others. With our minds we can rationalize anything, but with our emotions we can feel everything and contribute more to our clients. If we think logically about the world and explore where we are today, we realize that we are able to contribute, understand, and appreciate people more. This fosters connections to avoid challenges that we face in our societies.

What makes the difference between people? It is understanding others (empathizing) and satisfying our human needs. What shapes our ability to contribute and excel is the science of achievement, to make the invisible visible, this is “the art of fulfillment”. It is appreciating everyone and everything surrounding us and being able to give something in return.

We live in a therapeutic culture, the mindset that we are stuck in our past and that it is connected to the future. Decisions are the ultimate power to move on and change our lives. What is the reason we fail to achieve our goals? Is it money, time, education, technology, or even luck?

The world is full of resources but resources alone do not define the factors of failure. Failure to achieve comes from a lack of resourcefulness. Resourcefulness is all about emotions and being able to act imaginatively and creatively in order to achieve anyway, especially in difficult situations. It’s about creation versus consumption – and seeing the spark of possibility in complex, volatile environments. In order to achieve, we need to focus. Focusing on something then produces emotions which guide our actions and eventually shape our destiny.

The life of a consultant today is very challenging and requires many skills and experiences to be successful. Our emotions and feeling are the main elements that structure our lives as consultants. Lacking them, we will fail to reach our goals. It is of grave importance to understand why we decide to become consultants and how much we are willing to contribute to the world. This is what shapes our career path.


3 thoughts on “Why do we do what we do?

  1. Diana M. Schuppel says:

    Inspiring and well written…a pleasurable read to repeat; and a heart/mindful definition of purpose & personal depth*

  2. […] as the human condition is worsening across the globe. Serge Abi Haidar raises in his article Why do we do the things we do? important questions about the motives behind our decisions. Do we want to go for the money? Do we […]

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