How Pinterest Can Boost Your Job Search and Career Development


March 9, 2013 by corinnaziegler

By Corinna Ziegler, MSc in Management Consulting 3 student

Have you heard of Pinterest? If not, it’s high time to start familiarising yourself with the booming two-year old social media tool. According to, “It’s a web-based bulletin board, where users pin beautiful, inspirational pictures.” Online visitors are invited to pin their interests and browse boards to uncover shared values among the virtual community- with the option to like, comment, and to re-pin. Pins are not simply limited to pictures; users are encouraged to upload and share multiple sources, including quotes, posters, ideas, and videos. With pre-defined categories for users to browse through, the site serves interests such as architecture, cars and motorbikes, design, foods and drinks, photography, arts, travel, outdoor, or books and home decor.

What most users don’t realise it that Pinterest also is a great source to conduct job searches and to practice career development:

    • Browse the boards of different companies that you’re interested in, to discover how they depict themselves. Understand their tone of voice, their values, and their style, seen in their choice of pictures, colours, descriptions, and start following their posts. This will allow you to tailor your application and to demonstrate engagement and thorough research into values of your potential future employer.
    • Upload your professional resume to your personalised Pinterest wall. ThiCorinna Pinterests can be done in many different forms, but the most impact is made by resumes depicted creatively, rather than as a plain file. Find pictures and graphics that allow you to display your resume’s content enticingly, aiming to entertain with an eye-catching portfolio.
    • Link your Pinterest wall to your other social media sites, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and vice-versa. This will increase traffic to your accounts and encourage potential recruiters to visit your site, discovering different aspects about your character. According to its creators, “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organising things you love.” Dedicate different walls to your various skills, thus demonstrating interest and knowledge about multiple aspects, adding diversity.
    • Follow career experts on Pinterest, who pin and share posts for job seekers and recruiters alike. By showcasing tips and tricks as well as industry-specific knowledge in the form of pictures, cartoons, or quotes, great insight can be gained and your online network can be enhanced. With up to 30% global hiring taking place online, social media recruiting is the upcoming trend to follow.
    • Let Pinterest inspire you. Browse boards and walls for personal inspiration and for personal happiness. Job search and career development can be very stressful and time-consuming exercises, wherefore Pinterest represents a pleasurable online tool to enhance wellbeing.

A word of caution- like with all social media sites if being used for professional purposes, it is important to keep your boards clean. You will need to monitor and control posts, as you will be giving an impression about yourself to potential employers, thus it is essential that your wall should line-up with your professional appearance. Make use of the vast potential of online networking, by connecting to different users, discovering about various companies, and sharing interests to boost your job search and career advancement.


2 thoughts on “How Pinterest Can Boost Your Job Search and Career Development

  1. mmielly says:

    Sounds like Pinterest is a new move towards changes in the social media paradigm. Kind of linked to what Thomas Friedman refers to as the ‘globalization of the self’ but in more of a collectivist framework. Instead of linkng the idea of a social networking site to the concept of ‘friends’ of all stripes and types, this concept links one’s affinities and passions to a broader community of like-minded people not just focused on self-description, but on sharing ideas, images, concepts, and values. Just maybe this means a more authentic platform for self-expression, in terms of taking positions and espousing values. And that could be better news for recruiters and headhunters alike.

  2. corinnaziegler says:

    Thank you for your input and interesting thoughts on the subject.

    In this new age of online networking, “social recruitment” is on the forefront and appears to develop into an impeding trend. With the vast pool of social platforms out there, showcasing yourself in more authentic terms is becoming increasingly difficult. And not only are you able to find like-minded people on Pinterest, you are also able to pick out those ever-so important “nuggets” that future employers reveal about their companies, that can help you distinguish yourself as having done your research. Exciting to see how this trend will continue.

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