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SergeSerge ABI HAIDAR graduated in 2011 from the Lebanese American University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management. He has a dynamic personality and an enthusiastic spirit. He values relationships and people from multi-cultural backgrounds.

He has proven himself in the field of public relations while working at Le Gray Hotel, in his supporting role as assistant to the PR manager utilizing his networking skills while implementing strategic marketing techniques. He spent the past few years acquiring human-centered, purposeful experience in the consulting field. In addition his exposure to various business cultures and a diverse array of professionals ensured his comfort level in working for a wide variety of organizations under different circumstances.

Throughout his early career, Serge was able to discover his passion for business consulting, in particular while executing his role as a sales consultant for A.N.Boukather, a leading Lebanese real-estate company, where he demonstrated interpersonal and effective communication skills during negotiations. In addition, he possesses excellent language skills in English, French, Arabic, and Armenian.

Serge is currently pursuing his Master’s in Management Consulting at Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France, with a team of highly-skilled and multi-talented students from all over the world, aiming to start a successful career in operational consulting.


PriscillaPriscilla Bastos is a Production Engineer with specialization in Strategic Management. Her final project resulted in improving the organization structure of a career event for thousands of attendees. In order to complement her knowledge in that field, she completed certification in Project Management, at Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

She developed a critical mind working in Audit & Internal Controls of Estácio, one of the top players in the Brazilian educational sector. She proved herself as a good team player and multi-tasker after changing to the Estácio’s Management area. She is a Green Belt in Lean & Six Sigma with aspiration to be a Black Belt. For her Green Belt certificate, she worked at Petrobras helping them resolved a logistic problem with the ships at the TBIG terminal, improving the ship’s stay at the terminal. She also speaks English and French, in addition to her mother language Portuguese.

By studying the violin, Priscilla expects to increase her sensitivity and discipline. She also takes every chance to travel. Meeting new people from different cultures fascinates her and she is able to bring her culture to her colleagues, providing them notions of an emerging country culture.

Priscilla is pursuing her Master’s of Science in Management Consulting, in Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France to add consulting skills to her current competencies.


DavidDavid Buccelli is an innovative thinker and problem solver with international aspirations and experience. His background has given him a strong understanding of organizational interaction, the ability to adapt in cross-cultural situations, and a personable approach to new organizations and groups.  He is currently at the ground level of multiple startups with projects in mobile applications and crowdsourcing.

While attending Arizona State University he participated in three international study abroad programs, including one in Thailand (Urban Planning and Sustainability in a Consulting Environment), where he worked with a group of about 10 students (from ASU and Thailand) to present their recommendations to the Bangkok Metropolitan Association.  While the other two in the United Arab Emirates (Sustainability and Culture, Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and China (Culture and Societal Change) focused on a collaborative learning environment with ASU students and local students.  He also recently worked with the U.S. Green Building Council, where in his short time was project manager for their annual Advocacy Day, and worked on optimizing and maintaining multiple contact databases.  This internship further enhanced his background in sustainability.  He previously worked in commissions based sales with multiple telecom companies in the United States and has constantly volunteered over the past ten years at everything from animal shelters to mentoring the developmentally disabled.

David is currently working towards his Master’s Degree in Management Consulting at The Grenoble Graduate School of Business to further his competencies as a basis for strategic consulting within the technology field.

Contact Information:

+1 (352) 432-8328

+33 6 60 95 15 29

MarkMark Chanel is from the United States and is a seasoned professional with more than 14 years of experience leading Finance and Operational Improvements primarily in the Health and Chemical industries. He is a results-oriented team and process leader. He is passionate about finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Most recently Mark worked for three years as the Director of Finance and Administration for a Healthcare company with 40 employees. He led the Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology departments, and was able to improve Gross Margin by 8.7% by redesigning purchasing practices.  Previously he was the Director & Assistant to the President and CEO for a company that went through an Initial Public Offering on the NASDAQ stock exchange. He speaks an advanced level of French, and lived in France for approximately two years while teaching at a French Lycée.

Mark received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Biochemistry. He also has an MBA from the University of Delaware with a concentration in Finance. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Management Consulting at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business. He wants to live in France while working for a management consulting company specialized in the Healthcare field.


Grenoble Graduate School of Business | MSc in Management Consulting

Mobile : +33 6 83 61 48 21 | +1 727 266 5147


MarcoMARCO COLLE is an honest and reliable professional with excellent analytical and communication skills. He is well organised, can work independently, and is able to follow through to ensure the job gets done with outstanding quality. Altogether, Marco has seven years of work experience in different fields.

Recently, he worked in Australia as an advisor, where he carried out an in depth analysis on the nationwide freight industry. Marco presented an innovative operational strategy to the executive team; this freight transformation strategy was approved by the executive team and eventually implemented, transforming the entire freight operations, significantly cutting costs, reducing risks and improving productivity.

As an officer of the Swiss Army, Marco had the opportunity to attend highly recognized army courses in leadership, strategy and decision making. Marco used that training to lead platoons of 5 sergeants and 30 soldiers in military situations. The teams were rewarded as the fastest and most reliable operation to meet the objectives.

Marco graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. At present, he is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Management Consulting at the triple accredited Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France, in order to further develop his expertise in consulting with small and medium sized enterprises.



RamiRami Daniel is a junior consultant with a strong engineering background and is interested in working in the Gulf region as a consultant for the Energy department in small to medium size consulting firms.

Rami worked in the construction industry in Doha, Qatar for the past three years as a leader of a team of 200 people including on site workers and supervisors.  His decision making skills grew at a fast rate due to the fast-track nature of Qatar Foundation projects.  He became more change oriented, a key motivator for the team in extremely tight project schedules, resolved many cultural conflicts between Arab and Asian nationals with his strong communication skills and positive attitude and was able to achieve high production rates with the on-site team

Rami holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut.  He is very socially aware and well adapted to an international environment, and has a strong background in working with multi-cultural teams.  He is fluent in Arabic and English and is now learning French.

He is currently doing his masters in Management Consulting at GGSB in Grenoble, France to equip himself with the skills to become a top consultant in the energy sector.

Phone: +336624482775


suhailSuhail Farooq is a focused, smart working, people’s person with a positive attitude towards life. He has strong competencies in formulating & benchmarking functional best practices. He thrives while acting as trusted advisor to motivate and execute organisational goals. He takes a pro-active approach, is an initiative-taker, and plays a leadership role to meet present and future goals set by the organization.

Suhail has seven years of full-time work experience in Human Resource Management. He has performed and managed various Human Resource functions such as Change Management, Performance Management, Employee relations and implementation of Human Resource policies & procedures in diverse sector of industries including Human Resource Consulting, Information Technology, Knowledge Process Outsourcing & Media industries. Some of Suhail’s core competences include benchmarking, understanding Competency Assessment Planning for improving productivity, and building capability and quality enhancement. He has strategized and implemented Employee Engagement Models with a long term perspective on higher productivity and employee retention. Suhail speaks Persian, English and is quickly learning French.

He holds an MBA degree with specialization in Human Resource Management. He wants to work and focus his career in Human Resource consulting and pursue his Management Consulting role in a large multinational consultancy. He is currently pursuing a MSc. degree in Management Consulting at Grenoble Graduate School of Business to further enhance and strengthen his competencies and skills. Suhail’s passion is travelling and understanding different cultures of the world. He has represented his state at various Cricketing tournaments at National level and he loves to cook and experiment new cuisines.

Email :,

Hand phone : +33 658417021


ManishaManisha Meena wants to facilitate organizations in developing human capital and driving their human resource strategy. Her six-year diverse work experience in HR, Banking and entrepreneurship has given her an opportunity to develop and manage people in different organizational set-ups.  Manisha holds a post-graduate degree in psychology with specialization in organizational behaviour and is well versed in psychological testing, quantitative and qualitative analysis. She has extensively used this knowledge during her association with a HR consultancy firm specialising in training and development. She has conducted assessment and development for firms like Pepsico, Bharti Airtel and Perfetti.

Manisha has worked for State Bank of India (SBI) – a Fortune 500 company as a financial analyst and Relationship manager (HNI). During her 3 year stint at SBI, the largest public sector bank of India, she mastered financial skills (financial statement analysis, SME assessment for extending advances) and people skills.

Her keen interest in sustainable development of rural India has led her to be a part of an entrepreneurial venture wherein, she contributed towards the development of a 40 acre organic farm in Ranthambore, Rajasthan. This project employed around 25 families in that region and provided clean drinking water to the local villagers.

She has actively participated in sports during her school and college years and was captain of her school volleyball team. She likes to assimilate new cultures and is keenly learning French in the process. She has travelled extensively in India and considers travelling as key aspect of her personal and professional self.

Manisha wants to capitalize on her people skills by seeking a career in HR consulting. She is pursuing the MSc Management consulting course at GGSB (triple-accreditation) to equip herself with the necessary tools of the consulting world.

Email I

Phone: + 33 7 53 76 66 75

RaviRavi Palaparthy is self-motivated and innovative in his global outlook. He has more than six years of quality experience spread across service delivery in Information Technology. He specializes in application service delivery in Messaging and Collaboration sector in IT. His experience with leading IT firms has instilled the concept of being a “global citizen”.

He worked for clients like Bank Of America, Countrywide Financial Corporation and Computer Sciences Corporation to provide collaborative solutions to Information Technology experts. He has a thorough understanding of service delivery models in providing collaborative solutions. He has worked with more than 5000 clients and delivered business critical solutions in a sensitive business environment which involve huge dollar benefits to the organizations. Before beginning his Master’s of Science in Management Consulting in Grenoble, France, he worked in delivering M&C solutions and maintaining services at CSC. He has received numerous appreciations from the clients including Susan Kelsey, Board Member and M.D Bank Of America. Ravi has done his internship in Reliance Infocomm as Network and Planning Engineer before making his career in IT. He completed Bachelors in Technology, Electronics and Communication in India.

Ravi plays professional-level cricket and Table Tennis. He has achieved expertise in these sports without any professional training but through his persistence, dedication and hard work. He is an adventurous traveler and is a certified paraglider and scuba diver.

He is currently studying MSc in Management Consulting at GGSB as the first step in realizing his future endeavors of becoming a successful Strategic Management Consultant in the IT sector.



LeaLEA WEHBE is motivated by a people-centered approach to boosting morale and increasing productivity in organizations. She took the position of cabinet secretary for the Economics Student Society during her Bachelor studies, where she organized gatherings of up to 100 people to discuss key economic issues. Her exposure to the combination of human and economic transformation adds to her interest in operational consulting, specifically change management.

Lea joined a small boutique operational consulting company in Beirut, where she gained business exposure through the various projects she worked on, including recruitment, training, and quality management. Her experience in quality management gave her the ability to implement customized processes and operations to enhance performance. During her professional career, Lea coordinated and attended a ‘Manager as Coach’ training with Erickson College International. She developed expertise in coaching skills to transform a problem into a goal, breaking it down into an action plan, prioritizing and staying focused on the vision in order to unleash potential. Furthermore, Lea speaks English, French and Arabic, which gives her the opportunity to set off on a diverse international cultural context.

Lea graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She also holds certification in Human Resource Management  from AUB. She aims to work in an international setting and to achieve high performance through here eagerness to further strengthen her competencies. Lea is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Management Consulting at the prestigious triple-accredited Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France, where she intends to equip herself with additional expertise in operational strategy and transformation in order to lead major change projects.


Phone: +33 26534458


YoussoufYoussouf Youla is an ambitious and curious individual eager to learn new things and understand the logic behind it. He has spent five years working in Sales in the telecommunications industry offering customized solutions to optimize his clients’ personal and business needs. He has a passion for new technologies, especially portable devices and new tools or applications.

Youssouf developed an expertise in the wireless technology and sales fields working  in the US for companies such as AT&T wireless and RadioShack. He worked with personal and small business clients delivering solutions from devices and services to mobile applications. Youssouf performed at very high levels and overcame adverse situations to exceed the company’s goals. He received several awards from his former employer for overachieving in sales and providing great customer service. During his tenure he developed excellent interpersonal skills, organizational skills and analytical skills. Youssouf is also the owner of a small printing company in Guinea, his country of origin, which focuses on providing printing materials to small and medium enterprises. The business was founded in 2009 and now employs half a dozen people.

Currently Youssouf is working towards a Master in Management Consulting from Grenoble Graduate School of Business. He holds a Bachelor in Business and Administration with a specialization in Sales and Marketing from Devry University in New York. His aim after completion of the program is to work in a consulting firm in information technology, to gain valuable experience to one day open up his own consulting firm.  He is fluent in English, French and has a limited proficiency in Spanish. He is also currently undertaking the challenge of learning Chinese.


YanYAN ZENG is a recent graduate of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University in Shanghai China with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management.

Yan has been focusing on Human Resources Management since her freshman year. She combines academic rigor, a strong social orientation, and internship experience together to improve her theoretical and practical knowledge of Human Resources Management. Yan chose Assessment of Training Effectiveness as her thesis theme which combined her four-year study of Management of Information Systems with her interest in HRM. Nevertheless, Yan established a 200-member association of English Broadcasting during her junior year, and was the president in charge of Organizational Management, HRM and Business Development, which enables her to gain practical Management knowledge and experience, especially in HRM. Besides, Yan served an internship in a top 500 HR consulting company as a researcher, and was also the intern group leader responsible for intern daily management.

Yan is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Management Consulting from Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France. The school is a leading triple accredited European business school. Yan is well on her way to becoming a professional HR consulting consultant.


CorinnaCORINNA DENISE ZIEGLER is a recent graduate from European Business College Munich, Germany, with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business Administration. Corinna also holds a Magna Cum Laude award for academic excellence from European Business College Munich, and was invited to give her valedictorian speech at the graduation ceremony this June. Her academic rigor and structural talent demonstrate the analytical skills necessary for strategy.

Throughout her academic and professional career, Corinna had the opportunity to experience a multitude of international settings, having lived and studied in India, China, Turkey, and Brazil. With exposure to diverse environments, she was able to greatly expand her intercultural experience and demonstrate critical thinking during different internships. Specifically while working with the CRM department at Mercedes-Benz Turk A.S. Istanbul, Turkey, she focused on enabling strategic approaches for managing customer relationships. Corinna played an active role in building the department from the ground up, and implementing best-practice solutions of CRM models and techniques, including data mining, data cleansing, and data warehouse management.

Corinna has been an active member of student associations, where she created strategy for developing and executing solutions from operational to strategic levels, going from charter to practice. Most recently, she led a team of five peers in her role as Student Board Vice President at European Business College Munich, by planning, organising, and implementing initiatives, getting students involved and creating awareness for fundraising and environmental action. She focused on structured development of intercultural exchange, enhancing tolerance while demonstrating leadership abilities.

Her strong academic background is strengthened by diverse language skills (German, English, French, and Turkish), ambition to perform, integral work ethic, and most significantly her high commitment to excellence.

Corinna is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science Degree in Management Consulting at Grenoble Graduate School of Business, Grenoble, France, to further enhance her competencies to begin a successful career in strategy consulting.


ClauClaudia Zumpedia Zumpe is a graduate of Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, Germany where she successfully completed her B.A. in International Business and reinforced her business- and economics background in addition to completing one semester abroad at Warwick Business School, U.K.  Claudia is passionate about making an impact and helping other people. Her vibrant and eager personality makes her a great fit to diverse teams and suitable to a variety of intellectual and professional challenges.

Claudia was selected to take part in a corporate student program at IBM combining theory and practice in a full-time rotation between the academic world of managerial sciences and practicalities of the field. She therefore acquired the requisite technical and social skills for management consultancy. Claudia served successively as Management Assistant in Ehningen, Event Coordinator in Hursley, Strategy Consultant in Munich and as Cash Administration Analyst in Madrid.

Claudia combines this excellent academic background and international work experience with extensive language skills (German, English, Spanish, French) and most of all, a strong willingness to perform, and the ability to work well in high-pressure environments. Claudia has qualified to participate in foreign languages competitions in English and Latin on a national level in Germany, furthermore, she founded a student company with her classmates that was awarded the first place at the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe Company of the Year Competition in 2008.

With a dynamic personality, an ambition to continue to internationalize her career, and to learn continuously and intensely as a consultant, Claudia is currently studying at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France as a candidate for the Master’s in Science in Management Consulting.



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